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Bullet Necklace | .308 Caliber | Rock Art
Leather, Wrap, and Cord Bracelets
"Faith" Silver Inspirational Pendant
"Purple Lite Haze" Bullet Pendant Necklace
"Yantar" Bullet Necklace
.223 Bullet Head Necklace
.223 Bullet Necklace | Midnight
.308 Bullet Necklace | With Initials
.357 Mag Bullet Necklace | Purple Velvet
.38 SPL Bullet Necklace | Beckon
.38 SPL Bullet Necklace | Smiley
.38SPL Necklace | Latte Loco
.38SPL Winchester Bullet Necklace | Caramel
.40 Bullet Necklace | After Dark
.40 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Amethyst Peacock
.40 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Christos | ChiRho Design
.40 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Coffee Crema
.40 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Wolf Paw
.40 Caliber Bullet Necklace | XO
.40 Caliber Bullet Pendant with Blue Topaz "Blue Yonder"
.40 S&W Bullet Necklace | Spirit of the Night
.45 Caliber Bullet Necklace | My Strength
.50 Caliber Bullet Necklace "Crusader"
.50 Caliber Bullet Necklace "USA"
.50 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Fancy Big Boy | Zeus
.50 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Flaming Skull
.50 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Have Faith
.50 Caliber Bullet Necklace | USMC
.50 Caliber Bullet Pendant "Token"
.50 Caliber Necklace | Artemis
.50 Caliber Necklace | Cross Roads
.50 Caliber Necklace | Smooth Dragon
.50 Caliber Necklace |Sons of Anarchy
.50 Calibur Bullet Necklace | USN
2.3m Width Cable Chain
2mm GP Chain
2nd Amendment .50 Caliber Bullet Necklace
308 Bullet Pendant Charm
38 SPL Bullet Necklace | Tango
38 SPL Bullet Pendant | Bullet Hole Charm
38 SPL Bullet Pendant | Bullet Hole Charm Silver Tone
45 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Nouveau
50 Caliber | Necklace Pendant | Zeus | The Bad Boy
7.62x54R Bullet Necklace | Ancient One
9-11 Leather Cuff Bracelet
9mm Bullet Pendant Charm with Copper Crystal
9mm Bullet Pendant Charm with Crystal
9mm Bullet Pendant Necklace Charm
Reviews - What Customers Say
About The Artist
About Us
Agate - Black Agate
Agate - Blue Lace Agate
Agate - Botswana (Eye-Agate)
Agate - Moss Agate
Agates - General Description
All Jewelry
All Silver Stamped Apple Smartphone Watch Band
American West Collection
Angel Wings Bullet Necklace | .9mm and .40
Antler Necklace - Framed
Apple Watch Band "Double T"
Apple Watch Band 3 Stone
Apple Watch Band Inlaid
Apple Watch Band Malachite
Aqua Terra Gemstone Earrings
Archangel | Michael | 9mm Bullet Necklace
Archangel | Gabriel |.38 SPL Bullet Necklace
Archangel | Raphael | .357 Mag Necklace
Arrowhead with Turquoise Necklace
Art Glass Double Hung Pendant
Art Glass Double Hung Pendant
Art Glass Earrings E36
Art Glass Pendant
Art Glass Pendant - Dichroic Glass
Art Glass Set ST1
Art vs. Crafts
Artisan Bracelet with Lampwork Beads |Wild Honey
Artisan Bracelet | Carnelian Gemstone | Little Heat
Artisan Earring "Purple Turquoise"
Artisan Earrings "Eclipse"
Artisan Handcrafted Bracelet - Carnelian and Silver
Artisan Leather Bracelet - "Agua Fria"
Artisan Made Lampwork Bracelet | Keylime
Artisan Made Viking Knit Bracelet "Dorado"
Artisan Necklace | Black Heart
Artisan Silver and Lampwork Bracelet | Silver Fusion
Artisan Silver Bracelet Caramel and Cream
Artisan Silver Bracelet | Woodlands
Artisan Silver Bracelet | Sand Dunes
Artisan Silver Necklace with Heart | Lovin It
Artisan Silver Pendants
Aventurine - Green
Bangle Bracelets
Beach Glass and Crystal Earrings
Beach Glass Blue Earring
Beaded Bracelets
Best Friends
Blue Lace Agate - Four Corners
Blue Topaz
Botswana Agate - Eye Agate
Bottom Feather, Turquoise with Coral Silver Apple-Smartwatch Band
Brass Ball Chain
Bronze Baby
Bullet Jewelry
Bullet Bracelet | Brass Charmer | Custom Leather Bracelet
Bullet Bracelet | Little Happiness
Bullet Casing Earrings
Bullet Hole Charms
Bullet Jules Silver Tone
Bullet Key Ring | Charm | 9mm | Customized
Bullet Necklace Charms Various Calibers
Bullet Necklace Pair | United
Bullet Necklace | .223 Caliber | Whisper
Bullet Necklace | .270 Win | In the Clear
Bullet Necklace | .38 SPL | Brazzle
Bullet Necklace | .38SPL | Tumeric
Bullet Necklace | .45 Caliber | USA Red
Bullet Necklace | 38 SPL | Aztec Gold
Bullet Necklace | 38 SPL | We See Miracles
Bullet Necklace | Hard Times
Bullet Necklace | May Have Saved Your Life | 7.62x54
Bullet Pendant | Tribal Sol | AK 47
Bullet Pendant Necklace Charm 32 Caliber
Bullet Pendant Necklace | Copper Head
Bullet Pendant | Sundrop
Cafe con Leche
Candle Light
Canyon Sunset
Caring and Cleaning Your Bullet Jewelry
Chocolate Kiss
Colors of the West Pin
Concho Necklace - Black Bolo Leather
Concho Necklace - Bolo Leather
Concho Necklace - Full Star
Concho Necklace - Light Bolo Leather
Contact Me
Copper and Metal Jewelry Facts
Copper Ball Chain
Copper Cross Inspirational Jewelry Pendant
Coral Island
Coral Reef - Handmade Earrings
CSS Files
Custom Bullets Casings
Custom Stamped Bracelets
Dark Roast
Deer Antler Necklace - Sterling Silver & Denim Lapis
Deer Antler Necklace - Copper Flames
Deer Antler Necklace - Silver Flames
Desert Cedar Gemstone and Silver Bracelet
Desert Harvest
Desert Lily
Desert Springs
Designer Western Bracelet "Totem"
Designer Western Gemstone Necklace - Insight
Designer Western Jewelry | Turquoise Necklace
Designer Western Necklace - Colors of the West
Dichroic and Silver Art Glass pendant WR996
Dichroic Earrings and Pendant Set
Dichroic Glass Earrings
Dichroic Glass Earrings
Dichroic Glass Earrings
Dichroic Glass Necklace C8
Dichroic Glass Pendant
Dichroic Glass Pendant P20
Dichroic Glass Pendant P23
Dichroic Glass Pendant P24
Dichroic Glass Pendant P27
Dichroic Glass Pendant P28
Dichroic Glass Pendant P29
Dichroic Glass Pendant P30
Dichroic Glass Pendant P34
Dichroic Glass Pendant P4
Dichroic Glass Pendant P5
Dichroic Glass Pendant P51
Dichroic Glass Pendant P52
Dichroic Glass Pendant P53
Dichroic Glass Pendant P6
Dichroic Glass Pendant P7
Dichroic Glass Pendants
Dichroic Necklace
Dichroic Pendant P17
Dichroic Set ST25Z
Dichroic Set ST28
Dichroic Set ST31
Dichroic Set ST34
Dichroic Set ST4
Dichroic Set ST6
Dichroic Set ST7
Dichroic Triple Hung Pendant
Double Dichroic Pendant DP3
Double Dichroic Pendant DP5
Double Dichroic Pendant DP7
Double Dichroic Pendant DP8
Double Hung Art Glass Pendant DP2
Double Hung Art Glass Pendant DP4
Earring and Pendant Set ST30
Earring and Pendant Sets
Everything Else
Eye-Agate (Botswana Agate)
Fancy Jules | Bullet Head Necklace
Finding Your Word
Fire Agate Silver Pendant
Flat Cable GP Chain
Fossil Flower
Frequently Asked Questions
Fresh Water Pearls
Garden Confetti
Gemstone Bracelets
God and Country | Bullet Cross | Bullet Necklace
Guardian Angel Necklace| 9mm | Silver Tone
Guardian Angel Bullet Necklace | 9mm | Solid Brass
Guardian Angel Necklace | 40mm | Silver-tone Bullet
Guardian Angel Pendant 9mm
Guardian Angel Pendant | .357 Mag
Guardian Angel Pendant | 40mm
Handcrafted Artisan Earrings - Amber Waves
Handcrafted Earrings - "Arizona"
Handcrafted Earrings - "Green River"
Handcrafted Earrings - "Utah Desert"
Handcrafted Earrings - Ancestors
Handcrafted Earrings - Sedona
Handcrafted Pendant/Pin Combination - Art Glass Necklace
Handcrafted Shawl Scarf Pin
Handcrafted vs. Handmade
Handmade Earrings - Carnelian Glow
Handmade Earrings - Mottle
Handmade Earrings - Sauvignon
Handmade Shawl Pin
Harley Davidson Collectibles
Harley Dyna Wide Glide Pendant
Harley Fat Boy Pendant
Harley Fat Boy Pendant Brass
Harley Key Ring
Harley Softail Custom Pendant
Harley Sportster 1200 Custom Pendant
Harley Sportster 1200 Sport Pendant
Harley Sportster 883 Pendant
Harley Springer Softail Pendant
Hay Ride
Healing Hearts Bullet Necklace | 9mm
Hearts and Soul - Western Necklace
Horsing Around - Silver Hoop Earrings
I Struggle But I'll Survive | Latin Phrase | Leather Bracelet
Inspirational - Message Pendant "Protect"
Inspirational Jewelry Pendant "Peace"
Inspirational Jewelry Pendant Wings of Peace
Inspirational Silver Pendant "Hope"
Is Copper Bad for Me?
Jasper - Ocean Jasper
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Journey - Sterling Silver Apple-Smartwatch Band
Lapis Lazuli
Latin Phrase "I Struggle But I'll Survive" Pendant
Latin Phrase Bracelet "Ad vitam" Life
Latin Phrase Jewelry
Latin Phrase Silver Cuff Bracelet
Latin Phrase | Stamped Bracelet | Thin Cuff
Latin Phrase | Stamped Cuff Bracelet | Know Thyself
Leather Cord Colors
Leather Cuff Bracelet "Amor"
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Follow
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Friend
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Horses
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Miracles Happen
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Play Well With Others
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Ride
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Rock Star
Leather Cuff Bracelet | Spirit
Leather Cuff Bracelets
Leather Cuff Colors
Leather Earrings
Leather Necklace and Pendant-Charm Holder
Leather Wrap Bracelet "Route 66"
Leather Wrap Bracelet Colors
Leather, Turquoise, Silver Necklace
Lilac and Sage
Little Sahara - Artisan Handcrafted Earrings
Luctor et emergo - I Struggle but I'll Survive Oval Pendant
May Have Saved Your Life Bullet Necklace | 7.62 x 54
Meanings of Stones and Gems
Men's Jewelry
Message Jewelry
Message Jewelry Pendant - Hope
Mezcal | Bullet Necklace
Monterey Bay Silver Bangle Bracelet
Moon Over Miami
Mother of Pearl
Mountain Dancer Turquoise and Coral Apple Smartwatch Band
Multi Gemstone Leather Necklace - Grateful
Multi Gemstone Necklace | Nature's Gifts
My Big Green Turquoise
Napa Claret
Never Forget | Custom Memorial Dog Tag
New Jade
Newest Additions
Night Journey
Nite Glow
Ocean Jasper
Ocean Treasures
Ocho Rios
Ordering Information
Paradise Beach
Pendant and Earring Set ST 25
Pendant and Earring Set ST3
Pendant-Pin Combinations
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP100
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP2
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP3
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP4
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP6
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP7
Pendant-Pin Combo SPP8
Petrified Wood
Peyote Beaded Bracelet - After the Rain
Peyote Bird Wings Turquoise and Coral Watch Band
Pirate Treasures
Popular Words
Prairie Sun
Privacy Policy
Published Works by Julie Teeples
Purple Heart Necklace
Purple Sage - Artisan Earrings
Quartz - Quartz Crystal
Quartz - Rose Quartz
Resources & Links
Return Policy
Rider Concho Necklace - Bolo Leather
Roped - Turquoise, Coral, Silver, Smartwatch band
Route 66
Scarf - Shawl Pins
Sienna Shimmer
Silver "Hope" Pendant
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant WR097
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant PS100
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant PS14
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant PS75
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant PS79
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant PS90
Silver and Dichroic Art Glass Pendant WR998
Silver and Garnet Designer Pendant
Silver and Lapis Hoop Earrings
Silver Bangle Bracelet - Blue Lagoon
Silver Dangle Earrings - Moonstone
Silver Faith Pendant
Silver Gemstone Earrings - Mila
Silver Message Pendant Peace
Silver Peace Pendant
Silver Pendant Necklace | Tirion
Silver Pendant S1
Silver Pendant S100
Silver Pendant S3
Silver | Copper | Brass | Plated Chains
Simple Pleasures
Simple Pleasures Choices SP105
Simple Pleasures Choices SP91
Simple Pleasures Choices SP98
Simple Pleasures SP104
Simple Pleasures SP26
Simple Pleasures SP27
Simple Pleasures SP86
Simple Pleasures SP90
Simple Pleasures SP96
Single & Multi-Strand Bracelets
Single Dichroic Pendant P14
Single Dichroic Pendant P16
Site Map
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Inlaid Silver Apple Watch Band "Connection"
Smokey Topaz
Sons of Anarchy Bullet Collection
Sons of Anarchy Bullet Necklace | 40mm
Sons of Anarchy Bullet Necklace | 40mm Silver
Sons of Anarchy Bullet Necklace | 9mm Silver
Sons of Anarchy | 9mm Bullet Necklace
Southwestern Art Gallery - Other Works of Art
Southwestern Bead and Leather Bracelet
Southwestern Bead with Leather Bracelet - Brown
Southwestern Charm Bracelet | Guadalupe
Spiny Oyster Heart Necklace
Spiritual Pendant

Spiritual-Inspirational Jewelry Cross Pendant
Spring Garden
Sterling Hoop Earrings with Turquoise
Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - Garnet
Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - Santa Fe Cross
Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Spiny Oyster
Sterling Silver Link Bracelet | Loving It
Sterling Silver Santa Fe Cross Earrings
Swarovski Crystal
Sweet Spice
Thunderbird Collectors Watch Band
Tigers Eye
Tiny necklace pendant
Topaz - Blue Topaz
Topaz - Smokey Topaz
Tranquil Desert Silver Bangle Bracelet
Tree of Life | Bullet Necklace .223
Tree of Life Bullet Necklace | 38 SPL
Tree of Life | Bullet Necklace .38SPL Brass
Tree of Life | Bullet Necklace | .357Mag Two Tone
Turquoise and Coral, Double Wing, Silver, Apple Watch Band
Turquoise and Silver Pendant - Castle Dome Turquoise
Turquoise Heart in Silver - Royston
Turquoise Oval Pendant Necklace - Royston
Turquoise, Coral, Silver, Swirl Design, Apple-Smartwatch Band
Valentines Bracelet
Veritas - "Truth" Silver Pendant
Walk Softly - Western Designer Jewelry Bracelet
Watch Bands - Apple or Galaxy
Western Jewelry Pendant Great Plains
What is Lampwork?
What's Your Word
What's Your Word Classic Bracelet
What's Your Word - Ankle Bracelet
What's Your Word - Adjustable Necklace
What's Your Word - Ankle Bracelet
What's Your Word - Chain Necklace
What's Your Word - Keychain & Rings
What's Your Word - Keychains & Tokens
What's Your Word - My Intent Bracelets
What's Your Word - Necklaces
What's Your Word - Product Info & FAQ's
What's Your Word -Group Order Discounts
What's Your Word Necklace - Ball Chain
What's Your Word Necklace - Single Strand
What's Your Word Project
What's Your Word Token
Zuni Bird Multiple Stone Vintage Watchband
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