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Leather Wrap Bracelet Colors

Leather Wrap Bracelet Colors
When considering a jewelry piece made of leather, the color of leather plays an intricate part of the overall appearance. These colors are complementary to silver and gold tones along with copper or brass, and most all can be worn any time of the year.

Black - Brown - Saddle - Natural - Cream - White
Turquoise - Royal blue - Red - Blue

  • White leather looks beautiful any season and is especially stunning in winter months and holidays. White cools down a hot summer or brings in a clean and fresh spring.
  • Lighter browns and cream color leather are neutral for any time of the year and look wonderful during either summer or fall months.
  • Blue, turquoise, and red leather colors can be incorporated into most all seasons and make gold and silver tones pop with excitement. These colors are popular and can be worn into the winter holidays as well.
  • Black and brown are neutrals which are worn anytime of the year.

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