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.40 Caliber Bullet Necklace | Christos | ChiRho Design

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I was asked to create a custom bullet rosary, this is one design I made. This silver-tone .40 caliber bullet casing has a hand carved PX symbol on both sides. The "PX" is known as "Chi Rho"; the Greek spelling for Christ. PX are initials Chi (X), and Rho (P); which stands for Christ (Christos). You may have seen these initials on ancient crosses or religious paintings.

The bullet pendant can be placed onto a rosary, a key ring, carried in your pocket or worn as it was intended; as a necklace by either a man or woman.

The necklace shown has been sold, you will receive one similar in design as each is individually handmade and no two are a like.

  • .40 Caliber S&W recycled bullet shell
  • Hand carved design on both sides
  • Approx. 1-3/8"L x 3/8"W
  • Your choice of 20" ball chain or adjustable leather cord
  • 20" Rolo style chain is optional
  • Pale/light blue European faceted crystal tip
  • Also looks stunning on brass or gold chains
  • Your necklace will be individually made for you when ordered. Please allow for additional time prior to shipping
This is an original concept design made by artist Julie Teeples. The image, idea and concept are the intellectual property of the artist who created it and is protected by copyright.

For anyone having an allergy to nickel; I suggest not wearing the pendant against the skin for extended periods of time. Keep your bullet necklace clean and dry will avoid tarnishing and the potential of a skin allergy.

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