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Artisan Made Viking Knit Bracelet "Dorado"

Item# Dorado

This is an absolutely beautiful, timeless and stylish Artisan bracelet. Made of jewelers bronze which resembles and wears like gold. Meticulously hand woven to create a strong well fitted Viking knit bracelet which is comfortable.
A simple and charming lampwork bead hangs from the 22K GP clasp as a perfect accent. The lampwork bead has raised dots made of fumed silvered glass which cast a golden iridescent shine and blends beautifully with the rich color of the bracelet. A perfect bracelet to wear any time, any season.
  • Fits an actual wrist size of 6-1/2", or 7-1/4" bracelet size
  • Clasp may be worn either on top of the wrist or on the bottom
  • This bracelet will not spin on your wrist making it extremely comfortable to wear
  • Double knit Viking knit for strength

WARNING ABOUT VIKING KNIT BRACELETS: My fellow Artisans will shot me for this; as my customer you need to know about Viking knit bracelets. Viking knit takes hours to weave, is extremely strong and durable and will wear beautifully provided you don't put it into a vise grip to crush.
Viking knit bracelets are beautiful but not all are comfortable to wear. Make sure the bracelet you are buying is well balanced and hangs correctly on your wrist. You don't want to be adjusting your bracelet every minute; it becomes annoying. Make sure any beads or adornments to the bracelet are placed correctly and don't apply pressure to your wrist bone. A well balanced Viking knit bracelet should fit like a bangle or loose watch. Any focal bead shouldn't cause the bracelet to spin on your wrist.
Try to purchase a double knit Viking knit as they are much stronger and look much nicer; my opinion.
All the Viking knit bracelets I make are well balanced, double knit for strength and are comfortable to wear. All adornments are carefully placed so they will not rub or make the bracelet uncomfortable. If you have any questions about Viking knit bracelets or the process please donít hesitate contacting me.

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