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Watch Bands - Apple or Galaxy

The Deal With Vintage Watch Tips

The watch bands I offer are suitable for the Apple Watch as well as the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. Each of the watch tips has been sought and obtained from auctions, pawn, estate sales, and even bartering. They have been thoroughly cleaned and then examined for loose stones or damage. Restorations are made if necessary. The piece is then cleaned again and polished to restore its original beauty while retaining its vintage heritage.

Consider these watch bands as a bracelet for your watch which in essence it is. Watch tips are like a bracelet but halved. Each half is then worked and designed to accommodate watch lugs and band attachments.

Turquoise stones, coral, along with any other stones on the piece have been examined. Silver is tested to be true sterling. I also researched the hallmarks and the potential age of each piece. Not all Native American jewelry has a hallmark especially true with older, vintage pieces. Early makers did not mark their pieces. Jewelry was being made as a part-time job which helped with income along with their sheep and fields. After WW II Native Americans were encouraged to start using a hallmark as a signature of identification to the work they sold but, still many makers did not think it important. The encouragement continued through the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s the growing interest in Native American jewelry further encouraged hallmarking. Thus many makers began using a hallmark to differentiate their jewelry from others. The hallmarks became a popular way to distinguish the various makers of vintage jewelry.
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