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Bullet Necklace Charms Various Calibers

Bullet Necklace Charms   Various Calibers
Bullet Charms. The bullet design that set the original standards for all other bullet charms. Stylish, simple and clean in design, trendy, and affordable. Each bullet charm is made from a recycled bullet casing. They contain no lead, and are safe to wear. Availabe in a variety of calibers; 38 Special,357 Magnum, 32's, 9mm, and whatever other sizes I come across.

CAUTION - Be careful, I've seen bullet necklaces and charms being sold with live primers with the description saying they are safe to wear! Know who is selling to you; ask how and where they learned about the workings of firearms and bullets, ask if they guarantee the primer has discharged.

These bullet pendant necklace charms look incredible on a variety of chain styles, cords, or leather. The charm can be placed on bracelets, worn on a cell phone, keyring or combined with other charms to create a unique necklace.

Every bullet has a history regardless of where it came from, locally or around the world. Spent casings litter our environment. You'll find my bullet necklace pendant charms reasonably priced and above all, they are now being used as an item of beauty rather than littering the earth. Help clean up the environment; one item at a time. If you'd like to collect spent bullet casings and send them to me, I'd be happy to have them.
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