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Southwestern Art Gallery - Other Works of Art

Southwestern Art collection of handcrafted Native American kachinas and Southwestern Home Décor by professional artist and designer Julie Jurow-Teeples.

My Southwestern Art Gallery features Southwestern and Native American designs in art which complements your home décor or collection. You’ll find Kachinas, Salako dolls, and other Southwestern art all designed and created by professional artist Julie Jurow- Teeples. The art work shown here will suit your needs for the flavor of Southwestern designs. For information or questions about the Southwest Art Gallery items please email me.

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Native American Kachinas are benevolent spirits of life and are not worshipped as idols. Kachina dolls and Salakos are means of education, and are used as decorations for the home or collected for their meaning and beauty. Colors and symbolic features of Native American designs are used in the creation of a variety of Kachina dolls to maintain their tradition. All are handmade by carving, pyroengraving, staining, and painting, some are inlaid with semi-precious stones including turquoise, coral, heshi, and lapis. Deer skin leather, fur, horse tail, and feathers are used to adorn the Kachinas. The Kachinas and Southwestern Art shown here have been featured in numerous books and publications, and a variety of showings. For any additional information or interest you may contact the artist.
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