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About the Artist - Julie Teeples


I am Julie Teeples formerly Julie Jurow. I create amazing items people can touch, wear and fall in love with. Iím an accomplished, professional artist. My work has been featured in numerous books, magazines, publications and exhibits. I also love to design and create artisan jewelry.

What is "artisan"? It's the love and passion of designing and handcrafting each piece individually. Of combining shapes and colors; making jewelry artistically unique and pleasing to the eye and soul. It should enhance your mood, be inspirational, and above all make you happy. It's the state or quality associated with being an artist.

Most of my work is one-of-a-kind and will not be duplicated so you may enjoy an original piece no one else will own.

My work has been on a commissioned and exhibit basis only, Iíve now expanded my work and opened an eagerly awaited on-line gallery for those interested in adding my work to their collection.

I also work with leather tooling, stone, slate, gourds, natural materials, stained, fused and lampwork glass. View my other works of art.


My first art work was done on the walls of my home with crayons, pencils or my mom's lipstick. By the time I was in the 3rd grade my art work adorned the bulletin board in front the principal's office, and that's how it began.

In high school I was commissioned to recreate, design, and restore our schools massive 50 year old mural. During my senior year my art and design work was plagiarized by a major nationally known department store and published under their name. That was my first lesson in copyrighting. Back then it didn't really mean much to me, I was young and stupid; in my later years I had to admit what happened was pretty impressive if I say so myself.

I was awarded several art scholarships which I turned down. I remained and lived at home, continued my education, and held a part-time job to help support my mother after my father died. I paid for college and art supplies through freelance and commissioned art work.

I thank my parents for not punishing me for drawing on walls. I thank them for buying me coloring books which they couldn't afford. I didnít want to color within the lines; I wanted a vast and open space to create.

My art instructors made sure my fingers were covered in oil paints, my hands emerged in wet, cold clay, my nose was filled with the smell of acrylic, my hair and face covered in saw dust from carving, and my finger callused or burned by working with metal and a torch.

My mom and instructors opened my mind and eyes to ingenuity, the ability to think then create, to absorb what was around me and turn it into something; anything. Each time I feel the pain of calluses or my fingers splitting open from grinding, sanding, twisting silver or metal, tooling and braiding leather, I think of my parents, the devotion, their hard work and their belief in me which helped in my becoming and doing what I wished for. I continued my education in a multitude of mediums; I became the professional artisan of our family.

I cared for my mother who in her mid 90's suffered through Alzheimer's disease. Even then as she had moments when she'd realize who I was she'd ask "ÖJulie, what have you created and made lately?" My mother, my friend, passed away in October 2008. Her dream for me, as with any mother, was for her child to be successful, to give back something learned; something created using your hands, your heart, your soul, and your mind. Thus, I devoted my work to my parents, and all who've helped me become what I am today; Julie Jurow-Teeples, Professional Artisan.

Drop me a line tell me your ideas and what special items you'd like to see or have made for you. I've been busy making new stuff so check back often to see what's here.


All jewelry is individually designed and handcrafted in my studio. I use sterling and fine silver, various metals, semi-precious and lab grown gems, natural stones, lampwork focal beads, dichroic glass, Swarovski crystals and a variety of fine materials from around the world. Some finished components may have been used. All jewelry is first made as a proto-type and tested for comfort and durability. If it passes the test it is then made into an original artisan jewelry piece offered to my customers to enjoy and wear.

All images, ideas and concepts found in these galleries are the intellectual property of the artists that created them and are protected by copyright law.