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2mm GP Chain

Item# 2mmGPChn

This is the standard size 2mm gold plated chain which is included with some of the bullet pendants. Pictures of chains are extremely deceiving when it comes to the size of the links. Most people don't associate with millimeters, they look at a blown up, extreme close up picture and believe the chain links are large. When they receive it, it's a tiny, itsy, bitsy chain.

2mm is approximately the size of a pin head however, 2mm in chain size is what we'd normally consider a medium size link. This is a great size, strong, and it looks absoultely great with any of the bullet pendants I offer. You won't be disappointed with this chain.

  • Gold Plated
  • 2mm link size
  • Spring ring closure
  • Optional chain lengths
LETS BE HONEST: You are purchasing an excellent quality, gold plated chain. The reason these chains are inexpesive is because they are gold plated. Eventually the plating will wear off and you will need to replace the chain.
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