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Bullet Necklace | 38 SPL | Aztec Gold Zoom

Bullet Necklace | 38 SPL | Aztec Gold

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The design I drew on this 38 Special bullet casing inspired the name and use of a Pyrite point tip for this bullet necklace. The mineral gemstone has an antique gold tone, making it look and feel ancient, something from a by-gone era.

Pyrite is normally called Fools Gold because of the mineralís metallic luster and resemblance to raw gold. Pyrite is a mineral but is also known and used as a gemstone. Some say the stone helps you communicate in a more open and honest manner, and that it provides emotional and physical protection. Wearing Pyrite is said to boost your self confidence. All I know is it sure looks great used in a bullet necklace.
  • .38 Special recycled bullet casing
  • Hand drawn original design
  • Approx. 1-1/2"L x 3/8"W
  • Pyrite mineral gemstone point tip
  • Choice of 20 inch brass ball chain or black adjustable leather cord
  • Bail is large and will fit a variety of size chains or cords
  • Only one made and available
This is an original concept design made by artist Julie Teeples. The images, idea and concept is intellectual property and is protected by copyright law.
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