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What's Your Word Token

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Image you have a small bowl of tokens each contains an important word. Each morning you reach in and pick one, that will be the word to make happen. Keep your special token in your pocket, place it on your desk at work as a reminder. When the day is over return it to it's bowl to re-energize then reward yourself with thoughts of the wonderful things you accomplished that day.

Have several tokens to keep around; office, your car, on your desk or keyboard. Token make great and meaningful gifts for friends and family or anyone needing a little help.

It's powerful to have a daily reminder of what you want to actively focus on, or manifest, everyday.

  • Authentic What's Your Word My Intent Stamped Token
  • Your WORD can be up to 14 characters. You may have multiple WORDs as long as your total characters don't exceed 14 (a space counts as 1 character)
  • Pick your token; brass or nickel
  • Group discounts available
  • Individually hand stamped with your word or saying when ordered
  • Symbols available for stamping; Letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9, Symbols & @ ! ( ) / ? # heart, star and awareness ribbon
HOW TO ORDER: Enter your WORD above. For a Heart, Star, or Awareness Ribbon, please add a note in the checkout "Comments" area field to let me know where to stamp a symbol on the token.

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