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Tree of Life | Bullet Necklace .38SPL Brass

Item# TOL38-Brass
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

The Tree of Life collection is a new bullet necklace design introduced in July 2013. Itís a clean, beautiful representation and is perfectly suited for both men and women; itís stylish and the design is timeless. This bullet necklace pendant makes a beautiful and meaningful gift.

How you see the Tree of Life symbol is personal however, this symbol is universal and can be found in most cultures. The Tree of Life symbolizes wisdom, protection, beauty, abundance, redemption, strength, family, and Godís Grace. A tree requires care and nurturing and will continue to grow new life for generations to come.
  • .38 SPL recycled bullet casing
  • Brass bullet at tip with Light gold color Swarovski crystal
  • Totally safe to wear
  • Approx. 1-3/4"L x 3/8"W
  • Choice of 20" brass ball chain, or black adjustable leather cord
  • Large bail will handle different sizes of chains or cords
  • Neutral color crystal allows you to wear this bullet necklace any season of the year
  • Perfect design for either a man or woman
  • The necklace shown has been sold. You will receive a very simiar one as each is individually handmade for you.
This is an original concept design made by artist Julie Teeples. The image, idea and concept are intellectual property and are protected by the fullest extent of copyright law.
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