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.50 Caliber Necklace |Sons of Anarchy

Item# 50-Anarchy

Anarchy, a word which has more than one meaning. To some it means no enforced government or law and freedom without force or, a society of individuals who live and enjoy complete freedom without government. In today's world and influenced by the TV series Sons of Anarchy, some believe it means the absence of any cohesive principal, such as a common standard or purpose.

Sons of Anarchy (SOA) first aired in September 2008. The last season of SOA will begin September 9, 2014. SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) will have its last season and many will miss watching the weekly episodes. I was asked to design bullet necklaces for the cast and crew of SOA.

If you love the series this bullet necklace is for you.
  • .50 caliber solid brass bullet head
  • Individually hand made, each will vary slightly
  • Approx. 2-3/8"L x 1/2"W
  • Black leather adjustable cord
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