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Pietersite is said to contain the “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” because is aids one in g recognizing the beauty of the soul. Its said that it helps to support human courage, and tenacity, to maintain beauty. It’s also said that Pietersite is used by the angels for a calm and joyous peacefulness which is uplifting and helps dissolve confusion and fear about what lies ahead for Earth. Pietersite is a relaxing stone which releases the limits you’ve placed on your creativity and allows you to recognize your soul has beauty. It boosts moral and teaches pride as well as builds self-esteem and self-image. It’s a relaxing stone which releases deep emotion in a very calm manner. Said to be a great stone for creative people.

Zodiac: Some say it's associated with Sagittarius, other say it may associated with the sign of Leo.
Birthstone: Pietersite is not associated with any particular birthstone month.
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