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Latin Phrase "I Struggle But I'll Survive" Pendant

Item# Round-luctor-swar
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I struggle but I'll survive is "Luctor et emergo" in Latin. It may also be translated into "I wrestle and rise above" or even "To struggle and win". Whichever way, it still means the same to someone who may need a little reminder. This Latin phrase jewelry pendant is hand stamped onto jewelers brass which resembles gold in color. From the center hangs a satin opal Swarovski crystal representing a spectrum of colors.

The pendant shown has been sold however I can make one for you. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for shipping so I can make your pendant especially for you.
  • 20mm size pendant; about the size of a US quarter
  • Bail will accomodate a variety of your own chain or cord sizes
  • Chain optional

A suggested chain for this pendant.

Use and care for your brass jewelry will determine how the brass will wear and change with time. Keeping your brass dry, buffed, and clean will retain its brilliance. You may allow your brass to age gracefully with time into a dark rich color.

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