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Artisan Bracelets - Handcrafted | Handmade

Artisan Handcrafted bracelets to accent your jewelry collection with color and distinction, evoke character, depth and dimension. Stylish and dramatic. Layer or not to layer, bangles and dangles and so much fun.

My collection of handcrafted artisan bracelets are one-of-a-kind, handmade, art jewelry. Natural gemstones, sterling beads, fine silver, artisan lampwork beads, sterling silver, copper, leather, Swarovski crystals, beaded bracelets, glass, wood and ceramic beads, along with other materials from around the world are used in their creation. From subtle to the really chunky, organic pieces, we’re sure you’ll find something to blend and coordinate with any outfit for just about any occasion and mood.

“ ..your jewelry is just amazing. Love my newest piece, but I love them all. Such a talented lady, I always love to see what you are doing new.” T. Briwo

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