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2nd Amendment Bullet Necklace | 7.62x54 AK 47Zoom

2nd Amendment Bullet Necklace | 7.62x54 AK 47

Item# 2ndAK47

These are 7.6254 military casings, the oldest cartridge still in regular combat service with several major armed forces in the world. In 2011 the cartridge reached 120 years in the service mark. The 7.6254 is currently and mainly used in sniper rifles like the Dragunov sniper rifle and machine guns like the PKM. This caliber is also used as a modern hunting bullet for large game however, it is a military caliber. The casings have been intentionally left in their original condition and may have dents or firing marks on them. Each will have the 2nd Amendment bill of rights inscribed onto it. A perfect gift for anyone in the military or armed forces.
  • 7.62 x54 R Win recycled bullet casings, head markings may vary
  • approx. 2-1/8"L X 1/2"W
  • Each is individually handwritten and will vary slightly
  • Your choice of 20" Brass ball chain or black leather adjustable cord
  • Empty casing, cleaned, polished, and safe to wear
This is an original concept design made by artist Julie Teeples. The image, idea and concept are intellectual property and are protected by copyright law.
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